All the articles of this pre-research are based on books, articles and interviews we held between January and April 2019.

Interviews [in chronological order]

  1. Mrs. Nienke van Schaverbeke, Head of Europeana Collections, 21.12019, Rijnsburg.
  2. Mr Niels Schrader, Co-Head Graphic Design Department Royal Academy of Art Den Haag and founder of Studio Mind Design, 1.2.2019, Amsterdam.
  3. Mrs Astrid Vorstermans, founder Valiz Publishing, 8.2.2019, Amsterdam.
  4. Mrs Pia Pol, Deputy Publisher and Editor at Valiz Publishing, 19.2.2019, Amsterdam.
  5. Mr Peter Bil’ak, editorial and type designer, 5.3.2019, The Hague.
  6. Mr. Achille Coenengracht, Director Partnerships and Business Development at Rakuten Aquafadas, 15.3.2019, Skype Interview.
  7. Mr. Eelco van Welie, Director Nai/010, 18.3.2019, Rotterdam.
  8. Mr. Daniel Gross, Founder of Catalog Tree design studio, 19.3.2019, Arnhem.
  9. Mr. Laurent Gerniers, Marketing Manager at Twixl Media, 20.3.2019, Skype Interview.

Books [in alphabetical order]

  1. Bil’ak P. (2017/2018). Works that work (a magazine of unexpected creativity) issues 9 and 10. The Hague, The Netherlands: Typotheque.
  2. Franchi F. (2013). Designing News (Changing the World of Editorial Design and Information Graphics). Berlin, Germany: Gestalten.
  3. Gerritzen M., Lovink G., Kampman M. (2011) I Read Where I Am (Exploring New Information Cultures). Amsterdam, The Netherlands: Valiz.
  4. Hoeks H. and Lentjes E. (2015). The Triumph of Typography (culture communication new media). Houten, the Netherlands: Terra and Artez Press.
  5. McLuhan M. (1962). The Gutenberg Galaxy (the making of the Typographic man). London, Great Britain: Routledge & Kegan Paul LTD.
  6. McLuhan M. and Foire Q. (1967). The Medium is the Massage (An Inventory of Effects). United States of America and Canada: Bantam Books, Inc.
  7. Mitchel and Wightman (2005). Book Typography: A Designer’s Manual. Marlborough, UK: Libanus Press Ltd.
  8. Shijian L. (2017). Layout Now. Hong Kong, China: SendPoints.
  9. Van der Weel Adriaan. (2011) Changing our textual minds (Towards a digital order of knowledge. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press.
  10. Wijnja J. (2017). Nederland Nu. The Netherlands: Literair Productiehuis Wintertuin.

Data sources

  1. KVB Boekwerk Monitor
  2. Digital Behaviour The Netherlands 2018
  3. Deloitte Global Mobile Consuming Survey 2018
  4. Lezen in Nederland 2018
  5. Rapportage: Boekenbranche Meting 46, 2e themameting 2018 – digitaal lezen 
  6. Leesgedrag e-boeken
  8. Screen vs. paper: What is the difference for reading and learning?

Online Articles

  1. Gutenberg’s Bible: The Real Information Revolution
  2. Renaissance
  3. The Printing Revolution
  4. Gutenberg and the Book that Changed the World
  5. News Goes Mobile
  6. The Correspondent Reading Methods
  7. A leap into the future of (digital) reading
  8. Reading in the Age of Constant Distraction
  9. The role of technological change in culture
  10. NY Times Snow Fall Long Read
  11. The Designer as an Author
  12. Irma Boom for Eye Magazine
  13. From Print to Ebooks: a Hybrid Publishing Toolkit for the Arts
  14. How News Has Changed
  15. Guardian and Observer to adopt ‘digital-first’ strategy
  16. Markdown Editors
  17. Amazon and Rebalancing the Book Publishing Ecosystem
  18. Kobo and Bol form a Unique eBook Partnership
  19. Apple Launch
  20. Apple News Plus
  21. Adobe DPS
  22. Streamlining Multi-channel Content Delivery
  23. Rethinking Publishing with AI
  24. Pollen Publishing System