Gutenberg the 3rd is the title of our research for creating a guide for digital books design.

We – Tine van Wel and Maytal Sela Huijgen – did our Graphic Design Bachelor together at the Royal Academy for Visual Arts in The Hague, Netherlands.

For a few years our roads separated – Tine worked for 8 years at Studio Joost Grootens as a graphic designer, where she specialised her knowledge of typography and high-level book design. Maytal became a teacher at the Department of Design and Communication at the Yizrael Academy, teaching Interactive Typography and Design for Digital Reading, next to running her own graphic design studio.

We reunited 10 years later in Leiden to discover we share the same passion for book design, growing into it from two different disciplines we were taught were opposites that will never meet – the classic print world and the racing technology.

In this project, we wish to find how these two can meet and collaborate to re-invent the world of Books.

The project is kindly supported by